Acrophobia Changelog

Acrophobia Changelog

$Id: changelog.xml,v 1.4 2004/12/30 02:48:21 jdaskew Exp $

Version 3.1

No changes from 3.0. Needed to bump version number to rectify issues with RPM upgrades from 3.0RCx

Version 3.0

Repackaged into a traditional tar & make format. Documentation converted to docbook and translated to text and html.

  • Added test for blank sharename in the Add Printer routine. This can occur if the user specifies "Do not share" or if the windows workstation is not configued to share resources.

  • Add support for sharenames with embedded spaces. Added escaped quotes to the command line in configure-<sharename>.cmd.

Version 3.0RC4

Ease of use enhancement plus additional LDAP support. Have to resist the urge to make enhancements. This needs to go to final release!

  • New feature: A command (batch) file containing the commands necessary to configure a newly added printer is now placed in the print$ share during the “Add Printer” process.

  • Now uses ConfigParser to deal with smb.conf (was able to shim an incompatibility by subclassing file() and overriding the readline() method - python is very cool!)

  • Add support for Exchange 5.x LDAP. Thanks to Nathan for determining the settings for this configuration.

Version 3.0RC3

Primarily packaging changes. Planning to submit to Sourceforge, so the legal stuff needs to be attended to. Also fixed a late-reported bug and made a minor functionality change.

  • Update GPL Notice

  • Subject line for batch jobs now reads “PDF Files”. It used to include a list of files, which could be too long and was reported to be confusing.

  • Clean up jobnames submitted via the --jobname switch. Windows can come up with some pretty ugly jobnames.

  • Update GPL Notice

  • Fix problem with Smart Host configuration in


  • Added

ghostpdf.ppd, ghostpdf.inf

  • Updated from current AFPL 8.15 release

Version 3.0RC2

  • Remove extraneous debugging output that I inadvertently left in RC1.

Version 3.0RC1

  • Rev version number - Due to the Python rewrite, this should have been a major rev from the start.

ghostpdf.ppd, ghostpdf.inf

  • Added – part of the GhostScript package. Now PDF options can be set in the Windows printing preferences dialog!!

  • Misc fixes from beta testers.

Version 2.5beta

  • Complete rewrite in Python.

  • Improved batch printing capability

  • Add LDAP lookup capability

  • Create configuration script

  • Package as RPM.

  • Based on Fedora Core 2 – need to test on other Linux flavors.

Version 2.0 (aka Version 2.xS)

Added crude batch printing capability. Update instructions for SUSE.

Version 1.1

Limited release – updates for Redhat 8

Version 1.0

First public release (in instructional whitepaper format – yes, it had to be typed in.) Written for RedHat Linux 7.2 and 7.3