2005/1/12: Acrophobia version 3 has been released. The actual version is 3.1, there is no v3.0. The version was bumped to 3.1 so that RPM would recognize this to be a newer version than the release candidates (3.0RCx). I'll use a better naming convention from now on ;-).

2004/11/27: First draft documentation has been posted to the website. The following documents are available.

Readme - Acrophobia installation and configuration
Upgrading - Instructions for upgrading from previous versions of Acrophobia.
Changelog - The changelog, to the best of my recollection :-)

2004/11/18: Acrophobia v3.0 Release Candidate 4 has been posted to Sourceforge, it can be downloaded here

2004/11/13: Not much here yet. The Acrophobia project is in the process of being moved from the ILTA (aka LawNet) listservs to Sourceforge.

The currently available files are v3.0RC3 (Release Candidate 3). This release is intended for limited distribution - primarily to ILTA / LawNet members who are testing, writing documentation and readying the package for general release.

If you have not used Acrophobia before, you should wait until the general release of version 3. The release candidate seems stable enough, but there's very little documentation. If you are curious, you are welcome to give it a try.

Note that Acrophobia is intended to run on its own FC2 box. The config process assumes that samba and sendmail belong to Acrophobia and will make changes to smb.conf and sendmail.mc that may not get along with other applications on the box. You have been warned :-).

More news soon.