Upgrading Acrophobia

Upgrading Acrophobia

$Id: upgrading.xml,v 1.4 2004/12/30 03:23:08 jdaskew Exp $

Upgrading from 3.0 RC1 through RC4

Type rpm –Uvh ilta-acrophobia-3.1-1.i386.rpm. RPM will update files as needed. Your existing ePDF.conf will be renamed to ePDF.conf.rpmsave. Change to the /etc/ePDF directory and copy your old conf file back into place (cp ePDF.conf.rpmsave ePDF.conf)

If you used the “Smart Host” configuration in either RC1 or RC2, there may be an errant line from your sendmail configuration file. Edit /etc/mail/sendmail.mc and look for a line that looks like the following:

define(`’, mailserver)dnl

In particular, notice there is a null string between the single quotes, right after the opening parenthesis. The latter part of the line may be different for you. In any case, remove this line and save sendmail.mc.

Upgrading from 2.5beta and 3.0beta (non-release candidate) versions.

This upgrade requires some cleanup, and all shares will be removed. Accordingly, you should not do this on a production box (unless you’ve kicked the users off for an hour or so).

  1. Make sure samba is stopped. Type: service smb stop

  2. Run the command: rpm -e lawnet-acrophobia. This will remove the python and shell scripts, but leave any custom settings in ePDF.conf intact (i.e. rpm will preserve ePDF.conf if you have updated it since the original install, otherwise rpm will remove it). The old ePDF.conf file is not compatible with Acrophobia v3.0. When you reinstall Acrophobia, the old file will be renamed to ePDF.conf.rpmsave. You can keep it around for reference, but you should not copy it back to ePDF.conf

  3. Remove the Acrophobia config directory (rm -rf /etc/ePDF). Type this command carefully. If you slip, you can wipe out your linux box.

  4. Remove the Acrophobia directory (rm -rf /var/spool/ePDF). Same warning as above.

  5. Remove the driver directory (rm -rf /etc/samba/drivers). Same warning – you know the drill.

  6. Remove Samba’s tdb files – they’ll be recreated when Samba restarts. Look in /var/cache/samba and delete all files in that directory and the subdirectories. LEAVE THE DIRECTORY STRUCTURE INTACT!!

  7. Remove all of the print shares from smb.conf (they are all at the end, following [print$])

  8. Remove the [print$] share from smb.conf

  9. Reinstall Acrophobia according to the installation instructions in README.TXT.

Upgrading from Acrophobia 1.0 or 2.0.

Best thing to do here is to build a new box. Linux distributions from this era tended to include Samba 2.x, which is not compatible with Acrophobia v3.0.